A key SafeBase feature is the ability to post a Trust Center update. As you get ready to launch, we encourage you to post your first update so your customers and followers understand that you value security.

We've created a template for you to use as your first update:

Subject: Welcome to the <YOUR COMPANY NAME> Security Trust Center

As an organization that is security conscious and values security, we are excited to announce the official launch of the <YOUR COMPANY NAME> Security Trust Center. By using this portal, you can request access to our compliance documents, review our standardized questionnaires such as the SIG and gain a general understanding of our security posture.

Over time, our team will be making changes to this portal as we implement new tools and processes in our environment. You can use the Subscribe button to receive email notifications for when our team has an important update, such as if we have an updated compliance report or if we have a status update regarding a major security vulnerability that has been recently discovered.

-The <YOUR COMPANY NAME> Security Team

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