Please message our live chat or email to let us know you want to set up a Custom URL. We will enable the re-direct functionality on our end.

Add a CNAME record for the desired URL (i.e., with the target pointing to:



Note: Selecting a format such as works best, as this is natively supported by our reverse proxy. It may be possible to setup something such as, however there is configuration required on your infrastructure team's end, and we may not be able to fully troubleshoot.

Custom URL Best Practices:

Many of our customers select Custom URLs that use the following patterns so that the Trust Center's URL in the browser has their company name in it, vs that you see in Preview Mode:





If you use Cloudflare, Fastly, or other similar services, add an additional DNS-only (no proxification) CNAME record with the following details:

Note: Replace the site in bold with your company's new Customer URL


Points to:

Our reverse proxy uses Let’s Encrypt to generate certificates for custom URLs that are used for Trust Centers and follow the format of If your domain has existing CAA records, you will need to add an entry for Let’s Encrypt: 0 issue ""

More details can be found here:

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