Branding Your Trust Center

Add your custom brand colors, logo, font, and more!

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This article outlines the customization options available to ensure that your Security Portal meets your brand guidelines and marketing team's requirements.

To see customization options, simply go to the Security Portal section and click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Customization Options

  1. Design: select your security portal colors & font

    Make sure to also read Color Palette Best Practices

  2. Upload a Logo, Favicon, and Open Graph Image

    SafeBase Favicon Example:

    SafeBase Logo Example:

    SafeBase Open Graph Image Example on LinkedIn:

  3. Portal Banner

Banner Types

  • Medium (recommended): The Medium Banner drives your prospects to request access, and details what they get out of it.

  • Small: The Small Banner only drives your prospects to request access.

  • None: Portal Banner will not be shown. Requesting or reclaiming full access to your Security Portal may still be available from your private items or your Documents card

4. Branded emails (initiated by the SafeBase platform)

Follow the instructions here to setup branded emails (paid plans only)

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