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Embedding Intercom and Google Analytics
Embedding Intercom and Google Analytics

Easily embed important integrations to your Security Trust Center

Written by Natalie Novick
Updated over a week ago

We want to make it easy for you to integrate other apps into your Security Trust Center and currently support integrations with Intercom and Google Analytics.

All embedded integrations can be found in the Security Portal Settings popup. Simply go to the Security Portal section on the left menu and click the settings gear in the top right corner.

Intercom & Google Analytics Integrations

  1. Select the "Integration" tab. Scroll down to the "Embed Your Integrations"

  2. Fill in your Google Analytics Universal ID, Google gtab.js, and Intercom App ID.

Make sure to click "Save" and your integrations should be active.

If you put a valid Intercom App ID, visitors to your Security Trust Center will now see your Intercom chat button on the bottom right corner of the screen as shown below.

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