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Dashboard Overview
Dashboard Overview

Learn about the powerful metrics within your Dashboard

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The Dashboard tab provides an in-depth look at how your prospects and customers are interacting with your Security Portal. View important trends about your Security Portal and what cards are getting the most engagement.

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Recent Activity

Review all recent activity with your Security Portal. Activity is displayed for each Account Member and includes information about portal views, access requests, NDA execution, document downloads, conversations, and new Trust Center Update subscribers.

Top Metrics

Observe fundamental Security Portal activity and how this activity has changed over time.



Active Accounts

An active account has at least one account member who logged into your portal during the given time period

Portal Card Clicks

The number of clicks on each card in your security portal

Portal Views

Total number of views on your Security Portal

Document Downloads

Number of instances a document was downloaded from your Security Portal

Access Requests

Number of access requests received from users on your public-facing Security Portal

  1. Select the time period you would like to view.

  2. Decide if you want the graphs to display activity grouped by Day, Week or Month.

  3. Share the entire dashboard with your colleagues or download the entire dashboard by selecting "Share Dashboard"

Percent change for each metric compares the selected Time Period to a time period of the same duration prior to the selected range.

To export an individual chart, hover your mouse over the graph and click on the downward arrow.

Document Engagement



Downloads by document

Number of times a specific document has been downloaded in the selected time period

Downloads by account

Number of times the specified account has downloaded a document

Questionnaire Management



Submitted Questionnaires

The number of questionnaires that have been submitted through SafeBase from your Accounts

Questionnaires (by account)

Learn about which accounts submitted questionnaires through SafeBase

Account Activity



Portal Views

Each time an account member has logged into your Security Portal

Downloads by account member

Each time an account member has downloaded a document

  1. Select the Account you would like to view data on.

  2. Select the funnel icon to filter your results. You have the option to create flexible filters for each column.

  3. To view more results, navigate to the next page.

  4. To export the data as a CSV, hover your mouse over the graph and click on the downward arrow.

Your Team



Time to approve requests

How long it took for your team to approve a request over a given time period. The data only includes manually approved requests (data does not include automatically approved requests).

Trust Center Updates Published

How many updates your team published throughout the given time period.

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