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Inviting Your Team to SafeBase
Inviting Your Team to SafeBase

Learn how to invite your team to SafeBase and configure role-based access for your Security Portal

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Inviting your team members is simple and can be done from the Settings tab. Just scroll down to the Organization Members section to get started.

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Invite Your Team to SafeBase

Under the Settings tab, click on the "Invite" button and type in the user's email address. Invite multiple team members by adding a comma (",") between the separate email addresses.

Toggle on the Notifications selector for desired team members to receive an email notification when your Security Portal receives a new access request, questionnaire or conversation.

Assign Default Roles for New Team Members

New team members automatically receive the role designated in the setting below in the Settings tab.

We recommend that this is set to "Viewer" or "Account Manager" after initial onboarding.

Suspend a Team Member

To disable a team member's access to SafeBase, click on the 3 dots next to the individual's profile and click "Suspend".

Controlling Domain Wide Access

There is the option to allow anyone from your company's domain to login to SafeBase and have an account automatically provisioned for them using the default role. If you would like for users to only be able to login after being invited, you can turn this option off below the Members table:

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