Inviting a Prospect to SafeBase

Learn the ins and outs of how to invite prospective customers to your private Security Portal

Written by Natalie Novick
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SafeBase allows your customers and prospects to easily gain access to your private Security Portal from your public link. Another way they can gain access is being manually invited by your team. There are a few easy steps and you can see them below.

Invitation Steps

From the Accounts tab, scroll to the Accounts section and click "+ Add".

Fill in the Company Name and the fields below. Once all the fields you want are filled in, click on "Submit".

You'll have the choice to select an NDA provider, add a specific team member and include a custom message within your invite email.

Choosing an NDA provider will require this person to sign your NDA before accessing your private Security Portal. Your NDA can be found on your Setting tab.

SafeBase Account Details

Your new customer account has now been created. There are 5 subsections in the Account's profile page. Click on the Account name within the Accounts page to view this information.

  1. Company Profile

    1. This section shows you the details about your customer including information about their NDA status.

  2. Access Management

    1. Invite users from this account to view your private Security Portal and optionally link a specific document via email.

  3. Link Sharing

    1. Invite users from this Account to view a file directly within your private Security Portal via email.

      1. This is similar to the standard flow, but they will be taken directly to the card with the specified file.

  4. Questionnaires

    1. This section displays any questionnaires that have been uploaded by the customer from your private Security Portal.

    2. You can also upload their questionnaires and links to their questionnaire portal if needed.

  5. Advanced

    1. This section allows you to delete the customer account.

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