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Allowing Private Access Viewers to Upload Security Questionnaires
Allowing Private Access Viewers to Upload Security Questionnaires
This feature is exclusive to Enterprise Plans
Written by Natalie Novick
Updated over a week ago

As an Enterprise customer, you are able to toggle on or off the ability for users to upload security questionnaires or submit a link once they've received private access to your Security Portal.

Step by Step Instructions

From the Security Portal tab, click the gear icon in the top right corner as shown below.

Toggle on "Enable Questionnaire Uploader" and then click "Save".

Now Security Portal viewers with private access will have the option to upload a security questionnaire file or link. If you have your notifications turn on from your Settings tab, you will get an email notification for every questionnaire uploaded or link added.

You can access the uploaded questionnaire or link by navigating to the Accounts tab and selecting the specific account.

Scroll down to the Questionnaires section to view all questionnaires for this account. You can also submit a questionnaire on behalf of the account by selecting "Submit questionnaire" or "Submit link to questionnaire portal" as shown below.

Questionnaires must be in one of the following file formats; .xlsx, .xlsm, csv or .docx

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