Uploading a Questionnaire on Behalf of a Customer

Learn the ins and outs on how to upload a questionnaire

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Sometimes customers may send a questionnaire to be completed via email. To help organize this, we encourage you to upload the incomplete questionnaire and associate it to the proper customer Account.

Step by Step Instructions

You can upload a questionnaire or link by navigating to the Accounts tab and selecting the specific account as shown below.

Scroll down to the Questionnaires section to view all questionnaires for this account. You can submit a questionnaire on behalf of the account by selecting "Submit questionnaire" or "Submit link to questionnaire portal" as shown below.

Make sure that the incomplete questionnaire is in .xlsx, .xlsm, csv or .docx format (if you are uploading a file). Once the questionnaire has been uploaded, you will see an entry in the table with the uploader’s name and the time & date. You will also see the download icon next to the questionnaire name.

The file should have the following columns:

  1. Question

  2. Answer

  3. Comment (Optional)

Based on your internal process and once you complete the questionnaire, you can email it back to the prospect/customer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should upload the completed questionnaire to your internal knowledge base.

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