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How Customers Gain Private Security Portal Access from your Public Link
How Customers Gain Private Security Portal Access from your Public Link

Learn how easy it is for your customers and prospects to gain private access to your Security Portal

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Your customers can gain access to your private documents in a few quick steps and with your NDA process integrated, it will be a seamless experience for your customers and prospects.

It's important that you share your public Security Portal link early in the sales process, doing this will save everyone time and help you close deals faster!

We will walk you through their experience below.

Step 1: Your customer goes to your public Security Portal page and clicks on "Request full access".

Step 2: Your customer adds their information and clicks "Request access".

Step 3: After your team gets notified and approves the request (via email and/or Slack integration), your customer will get an email with a one-time login link. They will not need to create a username or password.

Step 4: After your customer clicks on the login email from SafeBase, they will sign your Clickwrap or DocuSign NDA.

Step 5: Your customer will now have private access to your Security Portal and be able to complete important tasks as outlined below.

Upload security questionnaires or submit a link to their questionnaire portal

Download private documents

Ask questions on specific documents

Your team will get notified and can respond directly in SafeBase for this private one to one conversation

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