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Learn how to add subprocessors to your Trust Center with 3 easy options

Written by Natalie Novick
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Subprocessors is a very insightful card item that will allow your customers to get an even better understanding of your security posture. Share a direct subprocessor link to your prospects and customers. Your Trust Center has a clean URL ( If you don't have subprocessors added, your clean URL will take users to your Legal card.

You can see our subprocessor link as an example:

You can easily add your subprocessors on the Legal card from the Security Portal tab on the left menu bar.

There are three ways to set up your company's subprocessors on SafeBase

Simply click "Edit" and a side pop out will appear.

1. Display your subprocessors through SafeBase's UI

Click on "Add subprocessor" and you will be able to add them via searchable list or link.

If your subprocessor doesn't show up in the selector, you can type freeform into the text box and add a new company. Freeform companies appear as plain text with a default icon (building icon implying “company”).

Add as many subprocessors as you want and make sure to click "Save" in the top right corner.

Your subprocessors will show up as logo icons within your Legal card and can be easily seen by your Security Portal visitors. Here is an example from our Security Portal.

Subprocessors that have a SafeBase logo next to them also have a SafeBase Security Portal and users can view it directly from this list!

2. Link to an External URL

Type in the URL where your prospects and customers can find more information on your company's subprocessors.

3. Upload a Document

Upload a document containing information about your subprocessors into the box that says "Drag a file here or click to upload."

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