How to Delete an Account
Written by Natalie Novick
Updated over a week ago

Deleting an account is easy and can be done from the Accounts tab list view or the specific account page. We will show you how to delete an account from both areas.

Once an account is deleted, all users from that account will no longer be able to view your private Security Portal. All related data will be deleted as well. They will have to regain access as if they were a new account.

Please note, that deleting an account does not impact or reduce the number of accounts for your SafeBase subscription. An Active Account is a company that requests access to your Trust Center, is granted access, and then accesses your Trust Center

Click the 3 dots next to the account name and then click "Edit".

After you click "Delete", you will see a pop up. Click "Delete".

You can also delete an account by going to the account page and scrolling to the bottom as shown below.

The delete account button will be under the Advanced section.

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