Optional Access Request Fields

This article describes a few additional fields that can be collected during access requests

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By default, the Access Request form captures a user's name, email, and company name. SafeBase customers can optionally choose to enable additional fields if they would like to receive more information during access requests.

The following additional fields are available:

Toggling additional fields

To toggle these fields, navigate to the Settings button on the Security Portal page and select the "Functionality" tab.

Note: You can customize the name of the fields


Using this option, you can require a user to specify their relationship with your organization:


Using this option, you can choose to require a user to specify their country:

Customizable Checkbox

Note that a consent to ToS & Privacy Policy already exists on your Security Portal. Use this checkbox to collect consent for other needs.

Once these settings are saved, you will notice that the additional fields now appear when requesting access:

After a user submits an access request, this additional information will now be visible in the Accounts page:

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