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Human Questionnaire Assistance (HQA) Overview
Human Questionnaire Assistance (HQA) Overview

This article answers commonly asked questions about SafeBase's HQA Service

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This is an Add On service for select Enterprise customers. Please reach out to your AE or CSM for additional details if you are interested.

Feature Overview

The SafeBase team will use the content in your Knowledge Base (KB) to complete the first pass of a questionnaire within 72 business hours of submission to our team. Our team will advise when the first pass is complete.

Your internal team will collaborate on unanswered questions, document uploads, and the actual submission of the questionnaire back to the prospective customer.

Kickoff with a Knowledge Transfer

  1. Send us a zip folder with all previous questionnaires that have been completed by your team. Alternatively, you may also upload these to a shared Google Drive folder. Let us know your preference, or if you would rather share these documents using a different platform.

  2. The SafeBase team will import this information to your Knowledge Base (KB) to assist us in answering questionnaires.

*The quality of your Knowledge Base (KB), will affect the quality of your questionnaires. Questionnaires are not just security-focused anymore. Populating your KB with other content, such as Privacy, GRC, AI, etc., will allow our team to complete more of the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Completion Process

Submitting a Questionnaire to the SafeBase Team

Your internal team can send questionnaires to if the customer does not want to upload them through SafeBase.

If a customer uploads a questionnaire through SafeBase, your team will advise us via email that a questionnaire has been uploaded and you’d like our team to move forward with the completion.

*If you are a multiple products customer, please let us know which business unit/product the questionnaire is meant for.

Returning the Completed Questionnaire to your Team

  1. The SafeBase team will respond to the initial email thread to advise that the initial pass has been completed, along with anything that needs additional attention.
    We will paste the Google Drive link into that email.
    If the questionnaire was on a portal, we will advise that progress has been saved.

  2. We will leave comments throughout the Google Doc or Sheet on anything that needs clarification or something that may need to be discussed with your internal team (Legal, Dev, etc). Over time, this should be less and less common, but in many cases, there will be questions we can’t always answer, such as who the AE is for the customer or specific information about financial statements for your company.

Post Completion of a Questionnaire

After your team has reviewed and completed outstanding questions, let the SafeBase team know in the email thread. The questionnaire will be uploaded into your Knowledge Base (KB) to improve the accuracy of future questionnaires. If the questionnaire is on a portal, your team can export the questionnaire and email it to the SafeBase team in the email thread.

*There may be cases in which this is not possible, such as if there is a strangely formatted questionnaire, or a portal that does not have an easy export feature.


How will you share credentials with us if the questionnaire is in a portal?

  1. You can invite as a Guest user to a Vault under your control. That way, you can add as many Solutions Engineers, Account Executives, etc., without running into any limitations with Guest Accounts. This is the easiest, most secure way to share credentials.

  2. You can also choose to leverage 1Password's Link Share feature.

  3. You can put the credentials in a Google Doc and attach it to the email to share with our team.

What if the portal requires document uploads?

  1. Document uploads are done by your team, as the SafeBase team doesn't have access to clean versions of policies due to watermarking.

  2. If you choose, we have a placeholder document that we can upload that points them to the trust center. The PDF states, "We do not upload sensitive security documents to third-party questionnaire portals. Please download our watermarked documents from our secure Trust Center at".

How will we collaborate with you?

Your team will start a new email thread for each questionnaire to

When will I get the completed questionnaire?

Questionnaires have a 72-hour business day turnaround time for the first pass, not including weekends and holidays.

What if the prospective customer has follow-up questions after reviewing the submitted questionnaire?

Your team will handle follow-up questions. Follow-up questions are typically diving deeper into a question that our team would not have the answer to or requesting document uploads/evidence screenshots that our team does not have access to.

Why do customers still give me a questionnaire even after I set up the Trust Center?

Customers often forgo custom questionnaires and download standardized ones such as the SIG, VSA, CAIQ, and HECVAT. The more of these you have on your Trust Center, the more likely a customer will accept them in lieu of a custom one. The earlier your sales team invites customers to your SafeBase Trust Center, the more likely they will be impressed and forgo their typical questionnaire. Over time, your team will see a drastic reduction in questionnaires as Trust Centers become the norm in our industry.

Will I be kept up-to-date with our questionnaire usage?

Yes! Quarterly stats are emailed to your team at the beginning of the following quarter.

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