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Salesforce Reports 101 - SafeBase-enabled leads
Salesforce Reports 101 - SafeBase-enabled leads

Analyze leads created by the SafeBase app

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Although it can be tough to attribute the source of any one deal to a particular campaign, it may be useful to track deals generated from SafeBase-enabled leads (ie leads created by the SafeBase app).

Here’s one way to track SafeBase’s impact on your revenue, using the report type “Leads with converted lead information”

Field filters

Description contains SafeBase
AND Stage not equal to ""

This will only include leads created by the SafeBase integration and ensures that you are only capturing converted leads with set opportunity stages

Field groupings

  • Group by Created Date (use whichever date grouping you prefer to use for reporting, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly)

  • Then group by Stage

Summary format

  • Useful fields to include:

    • Lead Owner

    • Opportunity Name

    • Opportunity Amount

    • Opportunity Close Date

    • Tier (if you have different customer types, ie Free, Growth, Enterprise)

  • Once you run the report, you can use a quick Stacked Column graph to visualize converted leads created by SafeBase

  • Stack By = Stage

  • X-Axis = Created Date

  • Y-Axis = Record Count (or Sum of Opportunity Amount - in order to use this you must go back to the editor and select Summarize this Field from the Opportunity Amount dropdown)

This gives you a quick way to determine the effect of driving prospects to your Smart Trust Center and helping you automate the sales cycle both for internal teams and prospects.

Not a SafeBase customer or want access to the Salesforce integration? Companies like Instacart saved 500 hours in less than six months with SafeBase - book a demo with our Sales team to see what a Smart Trust Center can do for your organization.

Existing SafeBase Enterprise customers can check out our Salesforce best practices, including Salesforce-native reporting that can be set up in minutes. If you haven’t set up your Salesforce integration yet, you can see our help docs, or reach out to our Customer Success team at

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