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Block access requests from specific email domains (BETA)
Block access requests from specific email domains (BETA)

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SafeBase has released an option affording our Growth and Enterprise customers the capability to block access requests from specific email domains.

This is particularly useful for blocking requests from competitors or otherwise internally blacklisted domains.
If a blocked user requests access, either by using the Request access button on the top of the portal, or by clicking on the Request access button on a non-public document, they will be presented with the following popup:

Additionally, we can enable an option to send a denial message to the requestor's email.

  • The color in the popup as well as the denial message will match your portal's branding.

  • The message below Hi there, is completely customizable to include hyperlinks to a site or to a support email.

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts section in the settings page of your portal and toggle on "Block requests with specific email domains (BETA)"

  2. Once enabled, please notify the SafeBase team via our support chat and provide:

    1. The domain(s) that you would like on the blocked list.

    2. The verbiage you would like in the message body. This can be left as the default message as well (See screenshot above).

  3. To view the denied requests, navigate to the Accounts page in your portal and click View History.

  4. Information in the history log will be kept until deleted.

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