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Custom Slack Notifications
Custom Slack Notifications

See how you can configure the SafeBase bot for Slack to use custom mentions for notifications.

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By default, SafeBase's Slack notifications notify everyone in the desired channel/Direct Message using the @here designation. Paid customers can optionally choose to customize the users or user groups that are notified when messages get created.

Note: This is a backend feature, so contact us at or use our support chat, and we will configure this for you.

Event Types

Our bot currently has 5 different event types. Each event can have a different set of users and/or user groups be notified:

  • Access Request Created

  • New User Subscribed

  • File Downloaded

  • Account Access Denied

  • Questionnaire Uploaded

Reach out to us after you have identified the correct IDs as specified in the next section.

Specifying Users and User Groups

For each event type, let us know what user(s) and/or user group(s) should be notified.

Note: User groups may mean easier maintenance, as you can add or remove users from the Slack admin panel as needed without involving our team.

We will need a list of your user IDs and/or user group IDs to complete this process. Slack allows for users to have the same display names, such as @kevin. The user IDs allow our system to know the correct user to notify.

To find a specific user's ID, navigate to their profile in the Slack App, and click on the overflow menu to see the option to Copy Member ID. You can find their profile by clicking on their name in a message they have sent.

The ID should look something like U01MW3L2Q8J.

To find a user group's ID, you will need to open Slack in a web browser. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can find you workspace URL by clicking on your company's name in the upper left.

Open this URL in a web browser and login if needed. Find an existing message with the user group mentioned, and click on the user group name to open the user group profile. The user group ID will be the string at the very end of the URL in your browser:

This ID should look something like S05052KBYHX.

Note: Only Slack workspace Owners/Admins can create user groups. You may need to contact your Owners/Admins to create a custom group for this purpose.

Miscellaneous Options

In addition to using user and user group IDs, you may also choose to use Slack's existing built in groups:

  • @here: Notifies everyone in the channel who is active.

  • @channel: Notifies everyone in the channel even if they are inactive. These users will see the notification the next time they open Slack.

  • @everyone: Notifies everyone who is a member of your #general channel.


Here are some examples of how our bot messages look with the custom options above:

Custom User:

Custom User Group:

Custom User and Custom User Group:

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