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Webhooks: ClickUp + Access Requests via Zapier
Webhooks: ClickUp + Access Requests via Zapier

Learn how to create Tasks in ClickUp when new Access Requests are created using Zapier and our Webhooks feature.

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In this article we walk through how your can leverage our Webhooks feature for a custom workflow to write new Access Requests as Tasks in ClickUp.


  • Paid plan for Webhooks access

  • A ClickUp account (any plan will work)

  • A Zapier Premium account with Webhooks

Setting Up the Webhook

  • Login to SafeBase and navigate to the Settings page and find the Webhooks option. Click on the Connect button if you have not previously set any webhooks up.

  • Click on Add Endpoint.

  • You will see the option to specify an endpoint URL. We will return to this later.

  • Open Zapier and Create a new Zap using the Webhooks by Zapier trigger.

  • Hit Continue twice until you see the option to Test. You should see a newly generated URL. Copy this and return to the SafeBase app.

  • Take the URL you just copied and paste it into the Endpoint URL field.

  • Select the accessRequest.requested option and hit Create to save.

  • Navigate to the Testing tab and select the accessRequest.requested option.

  • Find the Send Example button towards the bottom. We will now verify that the Zapier webhook was able to receive this event.

  • Return to Zapier and attempt to test the trigger. If successful, you should see a success message, along with sample data from our test.

  • Hit Continue and proceed to choose ClickUp for your App, and Create Task for your Event.

  • Connect your Account if necessary and select the appropriate Workspace, Space, and List.

  • You will now be able to customize your Task Title and Name and other fields such as Assignee, Due Date, and more, Use the auto-complete dropdown to use values from the webhook such as Name and Company.

  • And that's it! Publish this Zap to complete the process. The next Access Request will now create a Task in ClickUp.

Want to see this as a native integration? Let us know in our Feedback Portal!

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