CRM Integration - Salesforce Auto Invite

Learn how you can have Salesforce Contacts automatically invited to SafeBase.

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Once you have setup our Salesforce integration, you can optionally choose to create custom rules that allow for certain Contacts to be automatically invited to your SafeBase instance. These rules will be created in the backend by the SafeBase team once you have your criteria finalized.

The rules can be configured to read fields for the Contact, Account, and Opportunity objects. For example, you can have the primary contact of an Account invited automatically if there is an open Opportunity associated with this Account that changes Stage from Demo Scheduled to Post Demo.

These automatic invitations go out once a day during the morning in Pacific Time. Based on the rules you specify, an Account will be created, and the Primary contact will be automatically added to this Account. If you would like, an invitation email can be automatically sent to this contact as well.

If you are interested in trying this feature out, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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