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CRM Integration - Salesforce Advanced Analytics Dashboard
CRM Integration - Salesforce Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Using your Salesforce revenue data to provide detailed analytics on your security influenced deals by customer type and deal stage.

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SafeBase has enhanced its Advanced Analytics feature allowing our customers to pull revenue data into their Accounts Table as long as the Salesforce integration is connected. Columns of data include customer type, revenue, and deal stage:

Accounts Page

After toggling this setting, you will now notice 3 additional columns in the Accounts table:

  1. Customer Type: For SafeBase Accounts that are linked to a Salesforce Account, we are retrieving the Type field from the Account object.

  2. Revenue: For SafeBase Accounts that are linked to a Salesforce Account, we are reading the Amount field for the most recently created Opportunity.

    1. We also have the option to read a numerical value from a custom Account field if your company tracks revenue this way. Please reach out to your CSM to set this option up. If this is used, we will not read the Opportunity Amount.

  3. Deal Stage: We are taking the StageName from the most recently created Opportunity.

​Note 1: If you have any questions or would like additional information on this feature, please reach out to your dedicated CSM, connect with us in our live chat, or send us a message at:

Note 2: The integration user requires additional permissions than those of the initial SFDC integration outlined here, please ensure the following Read permissions are enabled for the Opportunity object, then disconnect and reconnect your SafeBase SFDC integration (the authentication will ensure that permissions have been appropriately refreshed):

  • Amount

  • Created Date

  • Closed Date

  • StageName

  • AccountId

  • Id

Setup Instructions

  1. Ensure that the new Salesforce connection is enabled and that the integration user has additional permissions to read from the Opportunity object for the following fields:

    1. Amount

    2. Created Date

    3. Closed Date

    4. StageName

    5. AccountId

    6. Id

  2. Once this is completed, toggle the CRM Data Sync toggle in your portal's settings page.

  3. Data will start syncing in the background. If you have a large number of Salesforce-linked Accounts, this may take several minutes.
    After this initial sync, the data will automatically refresh on a daily basis.


Our new Advanced Analytics Dashboard now incorporates 4 core Salesforce-based data tables:

1. Total Value by Customer Type

Revenue is broken down by customer profile (Customer, Closed Lost, Former Customer, Prospect, Target).

2. Top Won & Top Closed Deals

A revenue reflection of your Security Team's influence on deals that have been won and open deals where your team should be spending most of their time on converting.

3. Questionnaire Submissions

If you allow customers to upload questionnaires through your trust center, this table will show the number of questionnaires submitted for each Customer Type. This benchmark allows you to understand how many of your customers are truly enabled to self-serve in their security review process.

4. Trust Center Adoption

This table lists the total number of each Customer Type for all SafeBase Accounts.


  • We understand that customers may calculate these values, especially revenue, differently. Please contact your CSM so that we can help customize this for your needs.

  • The calculations are dependent on the quality of your Salesforce AND SafeBase data. For example, if you have duplicate Salesforce-linked Accounts in SafeBase, we will potentially double-count the revenue. In addition, if a field in Salesforce, such as Type, has not been set correctly, this incorrect value will also appear in SafeBase.

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