Salesforce Setup - Steps & Estimated Time

Steps to setup Salesforce integration and estimated time needed.

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The table below provides an overview of key components of the SafeBase - Salesforce integration and their setup requirements. Discover how these features can help your teams save time and enhance efficiency. Key components of the integration include:

  • Auto-approval of access requests based on custom rules, removing manual work

  • Managed app to add someone to SafeBase directly from Salesforce

  • Intent data sync to give sales and CS teams insights into the security review process


Customer Tasks

Teams Involved

Time (minutes)



Security, IT, Sales Ops (SF admin, rev ops admin)

60 (10 tech setup)

Enables you to allow for existing customers in Accounts to be automatically approved in SafeBase without manual approval.


Security, Legal, Sales Ops (SF admin, rev ops admin)

90 (15 setup, 75 testing)

SafeBase requests can be automatically approved using custom rules(standard or custom fields at both the Contact and Account level.

Managed App

IT, Sales Ops (SF admin, rev ops admin)


Installation of SafeBase SF App.


IT, Sales Ops (SF admin, rev ops admin)

90 (15 to setup, 75 testing)

Setup invite flow to allow for inviting customers and prospects directly from within Salesforce, without ever having to log in to SafeBase.

Intent Data

Security, IT, Sales Ops (SF admin, rev ops admin)


Enables you to view SafeBase prospect and customer activity directly in Salesforce without having to log into SafeBase.

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