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Jira Integration Setup
Jira Integration Setup

Learn how to connect SafeBase to your Jira Cloud instance.

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Our Jira integration allows you to sync access requests and questionnaire uploads as Tasks in a Jira Cloud project.

  • At this time on-premise Jira is not supported,

As a SafeBase admin, navigate to the Settings page, and find the integrations section at the bottom of the page and click on the Connect button to begin.

You will be prompted to created a new Jira authentication:

You will need to enter your Jira Site URL. This is the URL that you use to login to Jira. It will resemble something like

  • Be sure to append this with https:// in front of the subdomain

After clicking on Create, you will get an OAuth authorization popup. Click on Accept to continue.

If the connection was successful, you will be able to proceed by clicking Next.

On the next screen you will be able to configure settings for both Access Request and Questionnaire Submitted. You will be asked to select a Project and Issue Type. You can also optionally select an Assignee.

Click on Finish to complete the setup. You will now see that the connection is enabled:

You should now be able to see these events as new Jira tasks:


If you see an endless gray indicator in the dropdown areas, this might mean that you entered the Jira Site URL incorrectly. Return to the previous screen and try to reconnect your instance.

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