Branded Email Notifications

Steps to configure branded email notifications for your customers.

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Branded email notifications are available for our paid plans and impact emails in the following circumstances:

  • Trust Center Updates

  • Access request denials and approvals

  • Customers that are manually invited to your private security portal

  • Customers reclaiming private access to your Trust Center

Please email your customer success manager, message our live chat, or contact us via with the following information:

Branded Email Notifications

  1. A primary color using hex color codes (Ex: white is #FFFFFF and black is #000000)

    • This will be used for the top border and button colors of the email

  2. A company logo (.png format) that will appear in the upper left corner of the email

  3. Below is an example of the logo placement and color.

Custom Sender Signatures

  1. A "From name" and "sender email"

    • Emails can come from: "Security Team" at ""

    • As a security best practice, we recommend setting up a subdomain instead of using your root domain. For example,

      • Note: If you are using certain DNS providers such as Route53, you may encounter an error that doesn't allow you to add a TXT record if a CNAME already exists on the subdomain. In these cases, we recommend adding another level to the subdomain. For example, if your Trust Center is hosted at, we can have the "From" email come from an email address such as

        • If you are concerned about MX records and getting replies, we can set a "Reply To" email on your primary domain. In the above example, we could emails sent from with a reply to value of

  2. Once you have decided on the "From" email and name, let us know and one of our support team members will provide you with the required entries

    Note: Emails will come from a SafeBase owned domain unless the two additional DNS TXT and CNAME records are added.

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