How to Post a Trust Center Update

Learn how to post a Trust Center Update in a few easy steps

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You can use your SafeBase Security Trust Center to communicate with your customers and prospects via the Trust Center Updates feature. This allows you to send emails to users who have chosen to subscribe and to publicly publish notices on your Security Trust Center.

Publishing a New Trust Center Update

Step 1

To access Trust Center Updates, simply login and click on the Trust Center Updates module on the left menu. To create a new update, select "Create new topic".

Step 2

In the text box, type what you want the topic of the Trust Center Update to be. This will be the bolded header of your Update and then select "Create"

Step 3

Click on "Create the first update" and type your Trust Center Update in the Content text box.

You will be given an option to publish the update via email, to the Trust Center Updates card within your Security Trust Center, or both.

Note that you can specify a custom audience for email updates by importing a list of emails in a .csv file. This is useful if there are updates that you would like to send to users that are not existing subscribers. Please confirm that you have permissions to email these users before doing so.

Step 4

To publish your Trust Center Update, select "Review" and then "Publish"

Note: The Message box supports Markdown and links. You can choose to send yourself a preview email before publishing.

Note: Enterprise Plan customers may choose to have these emails sent from their own domain. Please contact if this customization interests you.

Grouping Trust Center Updates

You might want to group trust center updates related to the same topic so that your prospects / customers can easily follow along with your Trust Center Updates. To add a new update to a topic, select "Add an update to this topic" and follow the same steps as above to publish the update.

Public View of your Trust Center Updates

Users will be greeted with a banner at the top of your Security Trust Center when new updates are published.

Your update will be sent to your subscribers via email (if you chose this channel during the creation process) and will be visible on your Security Trust Center at the bottom of the page.


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