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Learn how to integrate DocuSign to automate your NDA process

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If you currently use DocuSign for your NDA process, please follow the below steps. This integration will be a very helpful step in automating access to your private Trust Center.

Note: This integration works with all paid Docusign plans.

Step 1: Connect to DocuSign

Click on Settings from the left menu bar.

Scroll down to the Integrations section. Click on Connect for the DocuSign integration.

You will be redirected to DocuSign and be asked to approve SafeBase.

  • The account needs to be able to approve DocuSign OAuth connection and have access to the desired Template that will be used for the NDA.

  • Our integration uses the following:

Step 2: Select a template in DocuSign

Select the NDA template in DocuSign that you would like to use for security outreach.

  • If you don’t already have a template, see the DocuSign Templates Setup Guide and take note of template's requirements in order to function in SafeBase (seen further down the page). Many of our customers have pre-signed NDAs to speed this process up.

  • Note: We currently only support standard templates. If you are using Powerforms, please recreate the NDA using a standard template.

In the template creation step, make sure to create a role called Signer and leave the Name and Email fields empty. This will allow you to drop placeholder blocks in the document during the next step, such as Company, Title, etc. Name and Email will usually autofill if you use the Standard Fields in the next step.

You can customize the open source Universal NDA if you do not have an existing NDA template.

After hitting the Next button, you will be able to drag fields such as Signature, Name, Company, Title, etc.

After you hit Save and Close, this template should now be available to select in the SafeBase Settings page:

Step 3: Test the NDA Flow: Create a new account and require a NDA before viewing the private Security Portal

Go to the Accounts tab and select the "+ Add" button.

Fill in the Company Name. Under the NDA Provider, select DocuSign under NDA Provider. You can use your own name and email for this test. Select Submit.

You will receive an email from DocuSign prompting you you to complete the NDA.

You will receive an email notifying you that the NDA has been completed. You will also receive a notification email from SafeBase letting you know that you can login to the Private Security Portal once this is complete.

  • Note that when an actual customer completes this in DocuSign, both you and the customer will receive a notification from DocuSign indicating that the document has been completed.

You will receive a notification email from SafeBase letting you know that you can login to the Private Security Portal once this is complete.

On your Accounts tab, you will see that the NDA has been sent and completed by the customer.

  • Make sure to refresh your page so that SafeBase reflects the current NDA status


  • If needed, recipients can re-assign the DocuSign envelope to a colleague that is authorized to sign on behalf of the organization. When the 2nd recipient completes the envelope, the original requestor will receive an email confirming that the NDA has been completed, and both recipients will receive a copy for their records.

  • If you see that the NDA has not been sent, try to verify the following:

    • The integration user has access to one or more DocuSign templates, and one has been designated as the default one.

    • Ensure that there is a role called Signer with the name and email fields left blank in the configuration.

    • If you want to have additional signers, please ensure that the role, name, and email fields have a value. If any of these are blank, the envelope will fail to send. To streamline the user experience, we recommend using a pre-signed document to speed up the process.

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