Clickwrap NDA Overview

Learn how to enable a clickwrap NDA to automate your NDA process

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We make adding a clickwrap NDA simple and you can watch the quick process below:

NDA Copies

If you choose to use the Clickwrap NDA, you can optionally configure a copy of each NDA that is signed sent to one or more emails. To do this, click on the Edit button in the Clickwrap NDA window in the Settings tab.

You will find a toggle option that allows you to specify one or more emails for NDA copies to be sent to:

You can input multiple emails by separating them with a comma. After hitting Save, all future Clickwrap NDAs will be sent to these emails as bcc copies. If you would like an export of an NDA prior to enabling this feature, please contact us using the chat button in the bottom right, or send us an email at

Custom Fields

If the default Clickwrap does not have enough information for your needs, we have the ability to add one or more custom text fields such as Address or Title if you wish. Please contact us as this is a BETA feature that we can enable for you on our end.

Note: Custom NDA fields are only available for our paid plans.


Note that for NDA copies, you will need to sign the Clickwrap NDA using a different email in order to see the bcc copy. This applies to Google Workspace email aliases as well. For example, if you set as a recipient, and complete the NDA flow using, the inbox for will only receive one copy. This is due to how email providers handle bcc by design. For this reason, we suggest testing using 2 entirely different email accounts when first enabling this feature.

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