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Trust Center Change Log

Use the Change Log to track content changes in your Trust Center.

Written by Natalie Novick
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The Change Log allows you to track content changes in your Trust Center.

Who Can Access the Change Log?

Only Admins can view the Change Log. Admins can use the Change Log to track what edits were made in the Trust Center to:

  • Ensure they have the right content on the Trust Center at any point in time

  • Detect mistakes

  • Detect unrecognized activity

What Does the Change Log Track?

Tracked changes include (but not limited to):

  • Content changes to items & cards (an item is a subcategory within a card)

  • Document uploads & deletions

  • Custom items added & deleted

  • Item access level changes

  • Cards shown or hidden

The below actions are not reflected in the change log:

  • Layout changes (such as card ordering)

  • Settings changes

  • Color palette changes

How to View the Change Log

  1. Navigate to the Security Portal Tab of the SafeBase App

  2. Click on the History icon in the upper righthand corner of the Trust Center

  3. View the Change Log!

    Hover over the Action icon to learn about what type of change was made to the corresponding element.

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