Rebranding your Trust Center

In the case of a company rebrand, domain change, etc. Here are the steps needed to rebrand your Trust Center.

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When you decide to initiate the rebrand of your Trust Center, the changes on our end are a pretty easy lift. This will basically be an expedited version of the same process used during the initial setup.

Please reach out via our support chat, our support email, or for Growth and Enterprise Customers, your CSM, to get this process started.
Below is an overview of the tasks that will be completed during a rebrand.

Task Overview

  1. New Trust Center Name

    • Renaming the Trust Center from "Old Company" to "New Company" is accomplished by our team.

  2. Updating Trust Center Branding

    • Your logo and branding updates can be self-serve,

    • For our Growth and Enterprise customers our team will take care of it for you.

  3. Changing your domain

    • Changing your domain form to is accomplished by our team

      Note: We can also keep your legacy domain attached to your Trust Center so that users with your emails can still log in until they get switched over.

  4. Updating SAML SSO (Growth and Enterprise Customers)

    • If you are currently using SAML/SSO, we will need to go through that process again to match your new domain

    • Your connection id will be updated to newcompany-saml

    • We will need a new metadata.xml and/or x509 cert + SSO url

  5. New Branded Email/Sender Signatures (Growth and Enterprise Customers)

    • If you have branded emails/custom sender signatures set up, we will need to go through this process again.

    • Send us your new sender domain and sender name e.g. "New Company Security Team" at ""

    • We will respond back with the required DKIM and Return-Path values to input on your end

  6. Updating your Custom URL

    • For Free customers, please check out our Custom URL help article and make the appropriate changes.

      • Contact our team with your new url, e.g. "", and we will update this on our side.

    • For Growth and Enterprise customers, we have moved over to a new process that utilizes our Cloudflare proxy service.

      • Send us your new url e.g. "," and we will send you back the required DNS values to input on your end.

      • Once they are validated, your Custom URL will be live.

      • If your Custom URL is already setup using our previous process:

        • Your configuration will still be valid in our other proxy service (

        • We will send you a group of values, including a new CNAME record.

        • When you are ready to make the switch, it will be a matter of replacing the CNAME value with the new one, this ensures minimal downtime for your public-facing URL.

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