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Trust Center Overview

Learn the basics of how to navigate a SafeBase Trust Center

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The Security Trust Center contains information about a company's security program. It is organized in categories that allows customers and prospects to quickly find the details they are looking for as part of their review process.

This is how the Security Trust Center looks like before a user has signed an NDA and has private access:

How to Request Full Access to a Security Trust Center

You can simply click on "Request Full Access" at the top of the Trust Center and enter your information as shown in the video below.

How to Review the Contents of a Security Trust Center

It's easy! Simply click on each card on the Security Trust Center to review the contents of the card in the side panel. If you haven't received private access to a specific report or the entire Trust Center, you will need to click on "Request Access" as shown in the video below.

How to Subscribe to a Security Trust Center

Simply click on the "Subscribe" button at the top right. You will add your email and get notified every time this company posts a Trust Center Update.

All Trust Center Updates will be at the bottom of a company's Security Trust Center.

How to Search within a Security Trust Center

You can find any item or keyword from the search feature at the top of a Security Trust Center. Once you choose an item from the dropdown list, you will be taken directly to that section and it will be highlighted as shown in the video below.

How to Upload a Security Questionnaire

Some companies may still require vendors to fill out a custom questionnaire. They can upload their security questionnaires by clicking on the upload link in the message box at the top of the Security Trust Center. If they have a link instead, users can submit a portal link as well.


How to Ask a Question on a Security Trust Center

After clicking on a card from the Security Trust Center, a side panel with detailed information will slide out. There is a comment box under each item. Simply type a question or comment in this section and the company will get a notification.

Note: You must have private access to utilize this feature.

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