Configuring Granular Access

How to create permission profiles to provide granular access to your sensitive documents.

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This feature is available for paid plans. Free plans are limited to a single profile.

Granular access allows you to customize which sensitive documents each account is granted access to. The access to documents is managed through the use of permission profiles.

Permission profiles allow you to grant a group of accounts access to a subset of documents, as opposed to managing access for each account individually. When an Account is created, they will be assigned to a permission profile. Consequently, the Account has access to the documents that their permission profile has been granted.

Creating a Permission Profile

Available to Admin role only

Note: There will be default profile already created called "Full Access". This profile has access to all documents and is continuously updated to cover all documentation in your security portal. This profile cannot be edited.

  1. Navigate to the settings page in the SafeBase app and scroll down to the Permission Profiles section

  2. Click "Create New Profile"

  3. Fill in your Profile Name and Description

  4. Select the private documents that you want Accounts with this profile to have access to

  5. Click "Save"

When a user does not have access to a specified document, there will be a note that states that the document is not shared with their company.

Setting the Default Permission Profile for New Accounts

Available to Admin role only

Note: The default Permission Profile can be overridden during Account creation. Learn how to do so in the Assigning an Account a Permission Profile section of this article.

  1. Navigate to the settings page in the SafeBase app and scroll down to the Permission Profiles section

  2. Under Default Permission Profile, select the profile you want new Accounts to be assigned to by default

Assigning a Permission Profile to an Account

Available to Admin and Account Manager roles

Adding a New Account to a Permission Profile

When approving an access request to your Smart Trust Center, select the desired Permission Profile for the Account.

Editing an Account's Permission Profile

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab in the SafeBase app and click on the Account whose permission profile you want to edit

  2. Click Edit in the righthand corner of the Account's information

  3. Under the Permission Profile header, select the new profile you would want to assign the account to. Click Submit.

Determining which Permission Profile an Account is in

Option 1 (Admins only): Click on a Permission Profile in the Settings tab to see all Accounts that are in that profile

Option 2 (Admins & Account Managers): Navigate to a particular account's profile in the Accounts tab

Note: When clicking on the name of the permission profile, you can view which items are included and what other Accounts have this Profile.

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